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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 15:27

Vigorous President Met with Members of the Press

Vigorous President Met with Members of the Press
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Çankırı Mayor Irfan Dinc, press to make municipal services and to review the overall situation of the city met with members .

Çankırı news: Photo 80 . Year Women's Educational and Cultural Center , who met with members of the press Mayor Irfan Dinc, gave information about the work and projects carried out in Çankırı . Said they gave the start to close new projects in thirty they promised. Photo mandate to fulfill the projects they promised during the wade fought they said Dincer , \"Our city needs to service and innovation. Developing and we have even more work for renewed Çankırı . This sense to put our hands under the stone as municipal governments together with our staff always trying to do better. \"he said. Photo Staff salaries to pay a municipality can not be underlined that they came from Turkey to sample a municipal position Dinc, the services they revealed so far can not be compared with the past , he said with emphasis . Incumbency many projects signed that reminding President Vigorous along , \"We have completed our Park Recep Tayyip Erdogan changed the Çankırı face . We are planning a grand opening with at the end of the lake work in the park. If you're eager to Mr. attend the opening if the available programs our President . Besides, took ahmet Yesevi Square final form . we receive positive feedback also from citizens about this work . Not only is this work cost us more than the sum of the work done in the previous period . we have mobilized citizens all our possibilities and we continue on our way in this manner. \"he said. Photo Urban answering questions about conversion President Dincer , said he was ready to tender for phase 2 studies in the urban renewal area . Recently, our country experienced the tragic events also addressed the Dinc, \"officers who were killed as a result of treacherous attacks in recent days is remembering mercy , and thankfully , we condolences to the relatives . We also had trouble once again the news all of us from Ermenek . Continues hopeful expectations for our remaining miners flooded . God , tomorrow and get help . we always pray together for our miners. \"he said .

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