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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 17:10

Fire Brigade 300 Years Old

Fire Brigade 300 Years Old
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Fire Brigade 300th anniversary of the founding was celebrated with various activities in Çankırı .

Çankırı news:
Çankýrý held in the garden of the Municipal Fire Department fire fighters showed their skills in the program . Programs Governor Vahid Ozcan , Mayor Irfan Dinc, public institutions with representatives of various chambers of representatives .
Speaking at the ceremony Fire Director Ahmet Semerci , fire brigade establishment of and the historical process information , giving Çankýrý fire any kind of technical equipment that it has he said.
fire brigade in recent years to develop and vocational aspects of institutionalization , indicating that Semerci ,''today's fire fire in the tree cat in a traffic accident jammed injured or even enter the house snakes , even to intervene . Distress of everyone who comes to rescue ,''he said.
Çankýrý Mayor Irfan Dinc also came into office during the time Fire Department importance to the development stating that ,'In recent years, fire truck have expanded our fleet . In recent months, the 30 meter ladder got a new car . Our firefighters are now with all necessary technical equipment . Not only in response to fires , traffic accidents have been using this technical facilities . I like all our healthy sooner , I wish the days away from fire'he said.
After the speeches, the firefighters showed their skills in exercises organized , technical equipment was introduced. In the first fire that interfere with the Ottoman period, held a demonstration tulumbacıs nostalgic . After tulumbacıs rescue exercise was wounded . Firemen , rescue a wounded citizen using the tool to the medical team handed down from the second floor .
Rescue exercise held in the building of the injured in traffic accidents after the rescue work was introduced . Car trapped under the rescue of an injured and vehicles stuck in the removal of a man who lost his life was revived .


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