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  • 08 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 23:15

Çankırı Traffic Accident:1 Dead, 2 Injured

Çankırı Traffic Accident:1 Dead, 2 Injured
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ÇANKIRI wood installed in a vehicle accident that occurred as a result of being struck by a tractor on one person died and two people were injured .

Çankırı news:
According to information obtained , Eldivan near the town , Hamdi Çivitçioğlu used by 06 EU 1888 plate car, from Çankırı Eldivan district going in the direction Ismail Soy's administration 18 EC 145 plate wood installed on the tractor crashed . Soy tractor driver in the accident died at the scene . Çivitcioğl injured in the accident , Çankırı tractor driver to the hospital while his wife Sabine Soy private Karatekin was taken to the hospital . It was learned that a good state of health of the injured .
Çivitçioğlu On the other hand crashed car driver's AK Party Çankırı Chairman Hamdi Salim's father was reported to be Çivitçioğlu .

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