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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 29 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 17:39

AK Party Istanbul deputy Yıldırım:

AK Party Istanbul deputy Yıldırım:
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AK Party Istanbul deputy Yıldırım, Turkey's motor vehicle and traffic volumes have increased significantly , said:\"We have ways to split , merge lives and our nation ,\"he said .

Çankırı news:
Çankýrý Karateka University's academic year, participating in the opening of the AK Party Istanbul deputy Yıldırım, ULUYAZI Campus ceremony held at the following campuses will be established for the library, laid the foundation .
Speaking at the ceremony Lightning, university teaching theoretical knowledge be more beneficial for the application needs to be done , said:\"the students that following the information does not hand if all else fails , the result verbatim does not see that information become permanent is not . Theoretically, our training complete , we will complete .'s also ready for life, \"he said.
under the AK Party to investments made in the country in every sense have evolved transfer of lightning, \"the old road routes donkeys dictated . a donkey on the back they fell , wherever he goes way there were opening . donkey's top of the mountain to climb in no condition . where the easy way , if the valley there if it was going . now it is not. mountains did arrived, the road do not change the valley,came to bow does not exist. Vadim comes viaducts do , mountain comes pierces through you , \"he said.
a country's development , for the development of the Great Leader Atatürk targeted by the warring parties civilization level beyond late to roads, ports make the airways stating that make people's way , \"which is the symbol of our struggle for Independence railways will stand up . I've done it for 10 years . Turkey knocked it on the fast train . 8 of the world , the 6 countries have made high-speed trains in Europe . No high-speed trains in the UK and in the United States . In Turkey there . Turkey is accessible and accessible country we have become , \"he said .
The country's motor vehicle in the number increased significantly pointed out that the Lightning,\"In 2002, 8 million number of motor vehicles currently 18 million 400 thousand . Road traffic has increased 93 percent . The reason 52 percent reduction in fatal accidents are divided roads . Divided highways save lives. For this reason, we say , the way we divide , we combine life . Ways we divided the nation unite , \"he said .
Çankýrý Karatekin University President Ali Ibrahim War , the foundation was laid library campus prestige building, one of the would be expressed , the building cost 10 million would be saved .
After the speeches, lightning and the accompanying delegation laid the foundation of the library .

AK Party Istanbul deputy Yıldırım:" comments for.


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